Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Up to £2,500 towards your gigabit-capable fibre optic broadband or leased line connection

In March 2018 government provided a £67 million fund to allow qualifying businesses to claim free installation for gigabit-capable broadband connections, up to £2,500.  From May 2019, premises in the harder-to-reach places in the UK may be eligible for additional funding under the rural gigabit voucher scheme.

How to apply for your Gigabit Broadband Voucher
  • Check your business eligibility following our steps below.
  • Contact us to discuss the best gigabit broadband options for you or look at our solutions page.
  • Once you have chosen a broadband or leased line package we will apply to DCMS (the government Department of Culture Media and Sport who operate the scheme) for your connection voucher.
  • Once we’ve submitted your voucher request your local council will review and approve your voucher.
  • As soon as your voucher has been approved we will begin work to deliver your gigabit broadband / leased line internet connection. We’ll manage the process all the way and keep the voucher process going.  Installation can take as little as 14 days.
  • As soon as your connection is ready we’ll notify DCMS, and you will get an email to confirm that it is live. Once you’ve clicked the link in the email that’s it.  We claim the voucher and you enjoy your new ultrafast broadband connection.
Gigabit-capable broadband and your business

Gigabit-capable broadband has the power to transform the way you work. Unlimited, ultrafast download speeds and high or synchronous upload speeds increase the productivity of your team and help to facilitate seamless communications.  Broadband is very much the fourth utility, and slow connectivity not only hinders your workflow but can cost you money. With business become increasingly reliant on cloud services, video calling and transferring large files, if you have to think about the speed and reliability of your internet connection, it’s not working for you.

Our gigabit-capable business internet connections, available either as standard broadband or leased lines, give you the flexibility to upgrade your connectivity as you need it. Local support and proactive monitoring make it something you can forget about once installed and get on with what’s important to you.

Do you qualify for a £2,500 installation voucher?

The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is designed for small and medium-sized business, and there are a few rules as to who qualifies.  The full terms and conditions can be found on the DCMS website, but the key points to qualify are:

  • Your businesses balance sheet must be less than €43 million and/or your turnover must be under €50 million.
  • That you need to employ less than 249 people.
  • That you don’t currently have a gigabit capable internet connection at your premises already. For example, if you already have a leased line, unfortunately, you wouldn’t qualify.

Don’t worry if you don’t qualify, depending on your location we may have other ways of installing your ultrafast or gigabit capable leased line or internet connection free of charge.  Call our experts on 01483 892 048 to talk through the options.

Things to look out for
  • It’s important that you check our eligibility steps to make sure you qualify. Not all business do.
  • You still need to pay the VAT on the connection charge, but you can claim this back so long as your business is VAT registered.
  • You will need to keep your new gigabit capable internet connection for at least 12 months after it’s installed.
  • The internet connection you order must be for at least 100Mbps or double the speed you are currently getting (whichever is the bigger number).
Voucher scheme FAQs

Below are some of the questions we frequently get asked about the government’s gigabit voucher code scheme. If you have any questions that aren’t listed below call us on 01483 892 048 and we will be happy to help.


Rural Gigabit Vouchers

Rural Gigabit vouchers were introduced in May 2019 as part of
the Gigabit Voucher Scheme. The key characteristics of Rural Gigabit
vouchers are:

● Up to £3,500 for eligible SMEs.
● Up to £1,500 for residents.
● Available in defined “rural” areas (by postcode in all parts of the UK), with
existing speeds of <30 Mb/s
● Resident only projects are eligible
● Connections must be Gigabit-capable, with a minimum speed taken by the
customer of 30 Mb/s

This development dramatically improves the economics for those in rural areas. There is a postcode checker within the Gigabit vouchers
website in the section with access limited to registered providers.  As a registered provider we can check this for you.